Headline Conjecture: Pregnant but brain-dead Texas woman taken off life support Sunday

     First off, I admit that I have only passively followed the situation in Texas.  Where a pregnant woman became brain dead and the hospital failed to comply with the husband (and her previous request) to not sustain her in her present condition. The emotional dichotomy has multiple implications depending on your world view and/or attachment to the issue.
Potential Life:
     Advocates for this view would see a chance,  though small, for a successful pregnancy.  The potential baby could have a chance at life and the value of that chance overrides the wishes of the parents. 
Potential Risks:
     Pregnancy has risks even when the mother is healthy.  The risk of a severely disabled (obviously and/or mentally) is great and the chances of a tragic life for child and father would be an unjust/unthinkable punishment for both.
Forced Abortion:
Removing the woman from life support would initiate an abortion, canceling the child’s current and future life.
Forced Incubation:
Not removing the brain dead woman from life support would suppress the rights of the married couple.  Who beforehand had a plan of action in case of this dire circumstance.  Their rights cannot be suppressed or altered due to the beliefs of others.
Conclusion :
    I found it very difficult to generate different responses on this issue. The nuances of law, religion, rights and freedoms that combine to form the bigger picture of the issue is staggering in scope and impossible (for me) to capture in a blog.   I believe that empathy is the most important base to build upon when examining these emotional complicated issues.


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