Talk Radio Manipulations and Self Review

Today, as I flipped through my local AM station, (yes I listen to AM sometimes!), I caught a rant from a ‘conservative’ host about Americans obsession with government provided medications and having some sort of neurosis. I am not including their name since I can not remember the exact words used but the main implication is commonly spouted by their ilk. They use this strawman to represent the weak minded, sheep like fools, lining up to receive their unneeded medication (your paying for! )and imaginary mental illness.
Of course people like this exist, or at least we perceive them that way. We see them in grocery stores, department stores and using public parks and hospitals. Our common response is to categorize them as the ‘different’ or ‘opposite’ to you. People like our above mentioned host, use this disconnect to scapegoat and blame our common political and social problems on this character. Drawing a accusatory narrative to them as supporters of whatever target issue or politician they deem unacceptable. The juxtaposition of common sense to obvious corruption is clear as the host echoes your own sentiment on the matter.
This manipulation is clearly an inflation of our fears, paranoia and primal instincts. If this mirage of truth was true, where does the tax paying workers come from? If we were truly overrun with these leeches of society, it would fall from the overwhelming weight of running the infrastructure.

Full Disclosure:
I fully admit this is an assertion driven rant on my part so let me point out some weaknesses in the blog.
1. I pick on conservatives and liberals are just as guilty.
2. Accused this to be a common tactic. I imagine some of them are sincere.
3. I assume people like this are spotted by sight and that people pay attention to things like that so I can make a point.
4. I imply that ‘common sense’ and ‘obvious corruption’ are dichotomous when they could happen inclusively.
5. My conclusion lacks hard data and draws from a ‘false premise’.
Being as skeptical with yourself is just as important as you are with others.

Written while listening to Tool


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