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Outed as an Atheist at work… nothing happened

    Yesterday at work, in between infecting cells with virus and small talk.  I brought up a fairly innocuous conversation about having the almighty cable brought back into my home.  While admitting to mostly watching Baseball and the Science Channel, a deeply religious coworker, asked me if I thought there was life on other planets.  Another coworker chimed in that it was more likely than not and I agreed.  The religious coworker agreed also saying that God had to have added people to other places also.  I gently tried to assert that it was highly unlikely that people could have developed on other planets due to the conditions present but I also said that I usually do not discuss this kind of philosophy at work.   This is when coworker #2 gets the bright idea as to why  I didn’t want to discuss it,  I was an atheist!  I acknowledged it and religious coworker seemed surprised but not shocked.  Of course the next question was where did everything come from and I gave the obvious “I don’t know” answer. Religious coworker seemed happy with that and asserted God (of course). 
     The conversation never got heated as we discussed their Catholicism and when we spoke of Jehovah Witnesses and the Amish we happily agreed that they are obviously wrong. 😉
    Now this probably wouldn’t be a good starter conversation with new coworkers, but I have expressed my overall skepticism to my coworkers for almost a year now so when the God question came up,  it didn’t have a negative impact on our work relationship at all.



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